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The Reluctant Warrior, The Journey Begins


I’ve always had an affinity for the quiet heroes and heroines; those who step up when called and refuse to back down when cornered regardless of the consequences. There comes a time in all our lives when confrontation is inevitable leaving us no other option but to stand tall and give it our best; Joel Richards as “The Reluctant Warrior!” does just that.   If Westerns such as Red River, The Searchers, Cattle Drive and Crossfire Trail, along with icons like John Wayne, Joel McCrea and Tom Selleck bring to mind a spirit of adventure and images of rugged individuals who played roles in settling the West after the Civil War, then this book is for you. The Reluctant Warrior, The Journey Begins, is a story of one man’s odyssey as he seeks to fulfill his father’s dying wish. His travels take him from the hills of West Virginia to Texas where he joins a cattle drive headed to Dodge City before adventuring on to Wyoming. A journey filled with drama, tragedy and love.

How to Keep Student Loans From Threatening Your American Dream


It is important parents and students alike understand the critical long-term issues associated with student loan debt before signing on the dotted line. Understanding student loans is not always an easy task. These debt instruments, if used indiscriminately, can have serious financial consequences for the student and/or co-signer.   There’s been a myth sold by the federal government, educational and financial institutions that the only way to achieve the American Dream is with a college education. This has led so many to believe that taking on student loans is a small price to pay for a four and in many cases five and six-year degrees. However, student loans do not come with guarantees.    In too many cases the financial quagmire lying in wait in later life for those failing to exercise ‘due diligence’ when signing up for student loans can be devastating. The Dream, hoped for middle-class lifestyle and financial security in old age will fade if one chooses to be lead astray with misleading information, false hopes and unrealistic expectations.           The in-depth information presented here will help guide your decision making processes in choosing the right option for you and your student’s long-term success. After all, “Knowledge is power.”      This introductory pamphlet, “7 Things You Must Know About Student Loans” and the companion booklet,  How to Keep Student Loans From Threatening Your American Dream, can be game changers for both parents and students in their pursuit of a college education, the American Dream and long-term financial success.

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I am just an old country boy in a big town trying to get along. I have been eating pretty regular, and the reason I have been is because I have stayed on old country boy.  

 –Will Rogers  

 Charley often quotes an old Cherokee saying: "The world is filled with stories which, from time to time, permit themselves to be told.  He’s honored to be one who is permitted to do so.  To inquire about Charley’s availability for interviews; to present one of his informative and inspirational presentations to your organization or for a keynote address at your next conference, please contact him atis life experiences. Many of his stories tell about various people he’s met along the way; those who inspired him; some who opened doors, a few who tried to discourage him plus various life situations which challenged the depth of his faith as well as those events that gave him hope, inspiration and courage to follow his dream. Charley recently published his first Western novel, The Reluctant Warrior, The Journey Begins. The first of a series of three or a trilogy.  He’s often referred to as the Will Rogers of the Plains, because like Will, his story telling conveys a common sense approach, with a dash of humor tossed in, when talking or writing about some of his life experiences. Rogers became one of his inspirational heroes and the focus for three of his books; Will Rogers for President; Will Rogers & Charley, and Will Rogers Apropos Thoughts, Quotes & Anecdotes On Elections & Politics.   He thought these books would be a pretty good way to bring some of his favorite Will Rogers’ Thoughts, Quotes & Anecdotes to today’s public. Will’s wisdom, humorous country wit, with a touch of sarcasm, often provided hope, courage or a laugh in dealing with problems and issues of the day.  Charley added his three pesos worth by including some of his apropos experiences that aligns with Will’s philosophy and entertaining thoughts. He says to keep in mind when reading his books, some of the commentary may have a hint of preachiness about it; however, he prefers to call it philosophizing. Needless to say, he confesses to being a “Professional Writer and Life Long Dreamer.” To enhance his experience before the camera, he occasionally appears in locally filmed commercials, movies as well as some voiceover work (radio commercials). Two of his goals are to become a spokes person for a national company or industry, and appearing in a major western movie. Charley took a little side trip at this point expressing concern about how family stories which make up an integral part of a family’s history, are rapidly disappearing along with family story tellers. He feels it’s important a family’s history continues to be passed down from grandparents to parents to children; stories that are often humorous, sometimes sad, mostly inspirational telling how one’s family got to where they are today. The kind of stories future generations can learn from, understand the path their family’s took, and then add their own personal experiences to that history. Plus these stories can be the basis for a good book. "

An important topic Charley’s passionate about concerns the substantial student debt many college graduates (and their families) have incurred in pursuing a college degree. He’s written three books on this subject with the focus directed towards parents outlining various issues pertaining to college cost, impact of student debt after graduation as well as suggesting ways for them to work with their children in developing a self-reliant financial plan to minimize reliance upon student loans and credit card debt.   He enjoys participating in western activities such as trail rides in the Flint Hills, the American Royal, Western Heritage Awards along with various author events. His association with the Better Horses Network, attending many of their events, occasionally being a guest on their radio shows, has opened doors to many opportunities he’s often dreamed about which are now becoming a reality. He’s been blessed with a great son, Jeff, a former elementary principal, and three grandchildren. He’s been a Member of Western Writers of America, the National Speakers Association and endorsed by such notables as Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, and Joseph H. Carter, Emeritus Director of the Will Rogers Memorial Museum. 

 Charley often quotes an old Cherokee saying "The world is filled with stories which, from time to time, permit themselves to be told."   

He’s honored to be one who is permitted to do so.  To inquire about Charley’s availability for interviews; to present one of his informative and inspirational presentations to your organization or for a keynote address at your next conference, please contact him at (913) 648-7408, or email,

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