Will Rogers for President

IS TRUTH & HONESTY in Politics an Oxymoron?

Charley’s Transparency in Politicians takes a humorous look at what it might look like if a politician ran on a platform of Truth & Honesty; the real reasons one may possibly seek public office.  Charley puts himself in the role of a canidate seeking political office under this scenario.  Many of Will Rogers quotes are included as a way to support the platform of what’s being proposed.

This presentation is available for viewing on YouTube and presented in two clips, Part 1 & Part 2.  Part 2 leads off with the same introduction as the first one but from then on introduces new material.

Enjoy “Transparency in Politicians” HERE.

Will Rogers for President

The consideration of Rogers as a candidate for President of the United States in 1928 was more of a symbolic gesture acknowledging his spirit, insight and honesty.  Will had the ability to accurately interpret the political and economic events of the day; events which in many ways relate to our own upcoming elections.  His humor with an occasional sarcastic remark thrown in, kept folk’s attention giving them a reason to stay informed.

As Mr. Rogers self-appointed Senior Adviser, I’ve been guided to reiterate his position, views and opinions on what are considered important issues in the upcoming campaign.  Topics are introduced by a question then answered with one of Candidate Rogers’ insightful Thoughts, Quotes & Anecdotes in understandable terms and concepts that make sense, common sense.

     As an example:  Mr. Rogers, what is the real issue in this election?

I have been trying to read the papers and see just what it is in this election that one party wants that the other one don’t.  To save my soul, I can’t find any difference.  The only thing that I can see where they differ is that the Democrats want the Republicans out and let them in, and the Republicans don’t want to get out.  That, right there is the issue.

Will’s timeless philosophy, as well as insights into political life from yesteryear is presented as they apply to today’s events.  these golden nuggets and guiding thoughts will be something you can relate to, learn from as well as sharing with others, possibly opening up certain areas for cussing or discussing.  My goal is to put a smile on your face, possibly some insight into the ever changing in many ways, never changing the world of Elections & Politics.

Will Rogers & Charley

Charley’s often referred to as the Will Rogers of the Plains because he’s a lot like Will in his story telling, common sense approach with a dash of humor tossed in.  With an extensive background in education and management,  Charley engages the audiences with inspirational and humorous informational content.  He is a member of the Western Writers of America.

It was our great pleasure at the 114th, “Daddy of ‘Em All,” Cheyenne Frontier Day’s Oasis Stage to have Charley Green.  His storytelling style of the many quotes of Will rogers took our audience back to the old cowboy ways that started this great show.  Thanks for coming Charley!  Sheri R. Scott, Free Entertainment Coordinator Cheyenne Frontier Days

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