The Reluctant Warrior


Joel Richards leaves his family’s West Virginia farm in 1863 to join the Union army where he becomes a highly-skilled, decorated cavalryman, After the war he returns home finding the farm in disrepair; his father alone and dying.
Joel’s family had been severely beaten by deserters causing the death of his mother and sister. Upon his fathers passing, he sells the farm and heads for Texas in search of a place to fulfill a promise made to his dying father; there he hires on with the Single Six Ranch to drive 2500 head of longhorns to Dodge City.
Joel’s unique cavalry talents come into play against marauding Indians, cattle rustlers and a confrontation with a war time foe. Romance and more trouble lay ahead in Dodge City; trouble that will follow Joel all the way to the Wyoming Territory where he travels in pursuit of his quest.

Like Gideon, there’s a warrior of varying degrees in all of us. There comes a time in our lives when confrontation is inevitable leaving us no other option but to stand tall and give it our best. Joel Richards as The Reluctant Warrior does just that

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