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Plan to Win

An important element necessary to make the plan work is it must be carried out as a team so everyone in the family is aligned with one another and focused on achieving the same goals and objectives. The team concept also clarifies each family member’s role and responsibility for meeting the goals. It helps everyone to maintain a clear, focused approach as the plan is created, put into play, and results achieved. Remember, no one is an island every family member’s contribution is just as important as the next one.

Setting goals are important in the planning process and crucial in keeping you focused on where you are gong. Now, you already know what the specific goal is, and why you want to achieve it; going through college debt-free. This goal is not about money, it is what money will allow you to do; again, achieve a debt-free college education with your student.

Not every plan will work out perfectly in real life as it does on paper. so remain flexible and willing to modify the plan if circumstances change.

“I can do what you cannot do and you can do what I cannot do, but together we can do great things.” – Mother Teresa

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