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How to Keep Student Loans From Threatening Your American Dream

As this semester of college is just beginning, it is extremely important parents and students who are considering student loans as well as planning for the future understand the critical long-term issues associated with this debt before signing on the dotted line. These debt instruments, if used indiscriminately, can have serious financial consequences for the student and co-signer.

There’s been a myth perpetuated by the federal government, educational and financial institutions that the only way to achieve the American Dream is with a college education. This has led so many to believe that taking on student loans is a small price to pay for a four and in many cases five and six-year degrees. Student loans do not come with guarantees of success and high paying jobs although the lender has a money back guarantee from the federal government

In too many cases the financial quagmire lying in wait in later life for those failing to exercise ‘due diligence’ when signing up for student loans can be devastating. The Dream, hoped for middle-class lifestyle and financial security in old age will fade if one chooses to be lead astray with misleading information, false hopes and unrealistic expectations.

If your heartfelt goal is for you and your student to live the American Dream, then do the homework, make the effort and sacrifices necessary to achieve that goal. It’s almost impossible to reach should you and/or your student choose to be buried with suffocating student debt and suffering in “Educated Poverty.”

Begin your homework by reading the introductory pamphlet, “7 Things You Must Know About Student Loans” and the companion booklet, How to Keep Student Loans From Threatening Your American Dream. They provide an in-depth look at this potentially devastating issue along with realistic ways to achieve a college education without overwhelming debt. The information and suggestions in these can be game changers for both parents and students in pursuit of a college education, the American Dream and long-term financial success.

. I challenge you to get a copy today, embrace its knowledge; put into play its lessons, saving you and your student the heartache of suffocating long-term debt tomorrow. After all, “Knowledge is power.”

Teach a child how he should live and he will remember it all his life.
-Proverbs 22:6

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